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Data Center Infrastructure Design

Every organization positions their data center infrastructure to manage and host digital resources for their technological performance. Managers and decision makers demand that data center infrastructure investments are well defined and fully supported, as they will be at commercial and/or administrative risk if the wrong choices are made.

Uptime Institute’s Level Standards are the globally recognized standard for data center availability and overall performance. It allows for a variety of performance levels that take into account both the built environment and the approach and performance of the operations team. The standards define the topology and operational sustainability performance requirements for each stage classification and verify their implementation to ensure that the facility is designed, constructed and operated in accordance with these technical requirements.

By obtaining ATD (Accredited Tier Designer) certification for our work and experience in data center design, we have become one of the Uptime certified founders, which is the industry standard for design, construction and ongoing operations, with more than 2,800 Certifications issued in more than 114 countries around the world. In this way, we offer our customers services related to modernization or new data center construction at world standards.

With our expert and experienced team, we offer our customers end-to-end services in many areas such as construction, electricity, air conditioning, monitoring and security systems in existing or new data center solutions, thus ensuring uninterrupted business continuity.

To view Data Center Design certificates; Data Center Design

Ahmet BİLGİNER / İntergraf Bilişim
Certificate No: 25092020DCDS-AHMBIL

Aykut EMİRE / İntergraf Bilişim
Certificate No: 25092020DCDS-AYKEMI

Network Infrastructure and Cyber Security

Within the scope of our local area network solutions, we offer our customers the installation services of end-to-end manageable, efficient and smart network architectures with brand-independent LAN switching solutions.

In addition, cyber attacks constantly change their methods and intensity, threatening corporate structures around the world. With the security services offered by our company, we ensure that your networks are protected against unauthorized access and made more secure.

Hardware Solutions

We provide our customers with flexible, intelligent and integrated data storage and hardware solutions, ensuring the performance and security of critical business applications. By meticulously following the technologies of our leading solution partners, we select the most appropriate solution based on needs analysis, install it and offer integration services to existing systems.

Cloud Computing and Virtualization

We offer our customers solutions that will simplify the information technology infrastructures of institutions with reliable virtualization platforms and cloud computing, reduce operational workload, reduce costs, increase efficiency and ensure continuity in critical systems and applications.

Audio and Imaging Systems

While our expert teams design audio and imaging systems for places such as new generation meeting rooms, airports and shopping malls, we offer solutions that suit your needs by ensuring communication and integration.

Application Development Solutions

With the software solutions we develop for our customers, we aim to strengthen their corporate structures and enable them to save resources and costs by moving operational work to the digital world. While realizing this mission, we offer solutions to our customers’ needs by using the most up-to-date technologies.